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Divorced Women's Program

Get Control of At Least One Part of Your Life

Why You Need This Program

Divorce can be a painful experience, especially for women. The loss of confidence and self-worth can be overwhelming, leaving them feeling helpless and alone. Our program is specifically designed to help women take control of their lives and regain their self-confidence through exercise, weekly check-ins, and daily inspirational Instagram posts. With our program, you can feel empowered and motivated to achieve your goals, whether it's to improve your self-image, get back into the dating game, or show your ex what they're missing. You deserve to feel confident and in control, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

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What Our Divorced Women Program Provides

  • Improve your life after divorce by gaining control over your physical and mental state with our program

  • Weekly phone call to assess your fitness gains, discuss successes and improve your physical and mental state through positive reinforcement

  • Customized weekly workouts via the easy-to-use Trainerize app designed to meet your goals, abilities, and equipment availability

  • Workouts can be done at your local gym, workout room, or even at home with no equipment

  • Daily links to uplifting Instagram posts to help you stay in a positive frame of mind

  • Almost 24/7 availability to text us with any questions you may have

  • Unique program designed specifically to help divorced women gain control over their physical and mental state and improve their overall well-being

Contact Us For Full Information and See How This Program Will Benefit You

  • This program will benefit your physical health, your state of mind, and ultimately getting you to a normal life; even a better life than you had before the divorce.

  • Contact us for a free talk about how we can help you. There will be no big sales pitch. Everything is up to you to decide.

  • Cost of program: Program is month-to-month at $300/month. 

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Divorced Women: Tips & Advice
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