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8 Tips for Building Muscle

It’s hard to build muscle without gaining body fat. However, a healthy, balanced diet can help you build muscle, lose fat, and get stronger.

Here are 7 simple but effective muscle gain tips you can follow to maximize your chances of building muscle and minimizing body fat.

Focus On Protein Intake To Build Muscle:

Protein is the most important element for muscle gain. According to several studies, you must add 0.5 to 0.8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight if you are looking to build muscle mass. So it’s important to add a lot of protein to your diet.

Increase Your Calorie Intake To Build Muscle:

If you are looking to build muscle, you need to add extra calories to your daily calorie intake. As muscle burns more calories, you must increase your calorie intake to support new muscle growth.

Decreasing calorie intake helps to lose weight but doesn’t help to gain muscle. When your body senses "starvation mode", it shuts down the production of new muscle growth. That's why in order to gain new muscle, you need to slightly overfeed your body.

Focus On Form To Build Muscle:

When it comes to building muscle, a good form can never be overstated. Focusing on good forms helps to prevent injury and build lean muscle effectively.

When we lose alignment during workouts, we engage the wrong muscle. As a result, we put our bodies at risk of injury.

Another Muscle Building Tip Is To Maximize Rest:

To gain muscle, you must get proper sleep. Growth hormones dramatically spike during sleep or resting periods. After an intense workout, your muscles break down, adapt, recover, and grow back stronger during sleep.

So if you are cutting short your resting period, you are only delaying your muscle-building effort. This may also possibly lead to illness and injury. So make sure you get plenty of sleep and rest. The National Sleep Foundation recommends at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.

Regular Workout Helps To Build Muscle:

Working out consistently plays a vital role in building and maintaining strong muscles. Physical activities like weight lifting can stimulate muscle building. Exercising consistently helps to grow your muscles and reduces their breakdown.

People tend to lose muscle mass as they age. That's why it's important to work out consistently to reduce muscle loss and maintain strength as you age.

Incorporate Microcycle To Your Workout Routine:

This is a short training cycle that aims to facilitate a focused block of training. An example of this is in week 1, your rep range will be 12-15 reps. And in week 2, you bump up all the weights and drop reps down to 9-11. On week 3, add weight again to each exercise to drop the rep range down to 6-8. On week 4, you bump the weight up again to drop reps down to 3-5 per set.

The goal of this microcycle is to improve key physiological abilities. By incorporating a microcycle into your workout routine, you can not only reach your peak performance in the best way possible but also gain muscles.

Focus On Multi-joint Exercise:

Multi-joint exercises are highly intense workouts as you use multiple muscles and joints during this exercise. Some of the multi-joint exercises include squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. The intensity of this workout aims at gaining strength and muscle mass while losing body fat and weight.

Final Thought:

If you want to achieve your weight loss and muscle gain goals easily and quickly, feel free to contact us at Serious Results Fitness. We offer personal training programs to reach your fitness goals in a healthy way. Call us at (765) 506-3206, or visit our website for more inquiries at Serious Results Fitness!

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