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1. I don’t have time.

You have time. It is a matter of priorities, and scheduling. How much television do you watch? Could some of that time be devoted to improving your fitness and vitality? Before setting up a routine, ask yourself one important question: How many days can I really work out? Every week is different. Some weeks, you'll have more time and energy and others, you won't. Set aside time each week to schedule your workouts, choosing days where you're at least 90% sure you can exercise.

  • Hiring us as your personal trainer can help a lot in this area. A good trainer will work with you to schedule your workouts so they fit your schedule, but will ensure that you understand the benefits of regular workouts.

2. No Accountability or Consequences to Quitting.

A study done by Stanford University in 2010 aimed to find just how important social support — even in small doses — was to people trying to forge new fitness habits. It’s easier to quit when we’ve only made a pact with ourselves, and thus have nobody else to disappoint.

  • This is where hiring us as your personal trainer really helps. We will hold you accountable for your workouts, and will explain the consequences of quitting. Likewise, when you hire us, we keep checking up on you whether you continue to pay for sessions or not. We really do care about you and your health and fitness.

3. You try to make your workouts too hard.

Whether you've taken a short break or it's been many years, you may make the mistake many of us do: Thinking you're in better shape than you are or that you should be in better shape than you are. That leads us to do too much too soon. This is another instance where hiring a personal trainer is a good idea.

  • We will be able to assess your current fitness level, and tailor your workouts to get the most for your body without overstressing it. We are educated and trained to use pulse rates, respiration rates, and other means to judge total exertion levels and to not overwork a client but yet get maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

4. You don’t know how to set up a balanced workout routine.

Finding balance is something we all strive for, but our workout routines often don't reflect that. A balanced routine doesn't just mean fitting in the Big Three (cardio, strength training, and stretching); it also means balancing your workouts with your schedule, energy level and body. We often approach our exercise programs as though we can do the same thing every week, but that isn't always the case. When you try to force a schedule you just can't manage, you may end up quitting exercise altogether, feeling like a failure. Again, here is where a good personal trainer is a big help.

  • As professional trainers, we will balance the intensity of your workouts. There's an emphasis on high-intensity circuit and interval workouts these days, which is great for burning more calories and losing weight. Too much of that, however, can lead to overtraining, injury and burnout, all things which also lead to quitting.

  • We will balance exercise with the rest of your life. It's a nice fantasy to think we can work at the same level all the time, but sometimes we can't. The dog is sick, you catch a cold, your boss becomes a jerk...these things will happen. Rather than throw out your workouts completely, a good trainer will figure out how you can fit in workouts, even if you can't follow your original plan. Professional trainers are taught to balance exercise with your body as well.

  • A big aspect we consider is your body. You may want to launch into a killer strength training workout, but notice extra tightness in one hamstring or that your shoulder feels funny every time you move your arm a certain way. Or you may want to do a lower body workout, only to realize your hips are sore from a workout the day before. We are flexible and consider what your body needs, rather than what your mind is telling you to do. It is all about getting you the maximum results in the minimum time without making you want to quit.

5. I can’t afford a professional trainer.

We understand the financial aspects. But, we also want you to understand the benefits. Some of those we have gone over above. Now for the good news! We offer a FREE Consultation where we will talk to you about your situation, offer advice on how to solve your fitness issues, and even give you a FREE workout if you want. If you decide you would like to work with us, we will give you that opportunity if we believe we can help you. If you decide we are not for you, we part as friends. We will NOT give you a “hard sell”; we won’t even give you a sales pitch. We believe our programming is so good, that we provide the best service and results that we don’t have to resort to pitches, or pressure.

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