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Decrease Absenteeism, Increase Productivity, Reduce Turnover

Corporate Wellness & Personal Training

Numerous studies show that employees who participate in a structured exercise program that targets strength, muscle building and toning, and weight loss, with nutrition guidance, have a significantly lower absenteeism rate, show an increase in productivity, and stay with an employer longer. They also have fewer health care issues, and this can reduce an employer's health care costs.

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Personal Training - Wellness Coaching

We offer just such a program. This doesn't need to be paid for by the employer, although some employers are funding all or part of this cost to their employees. These studies have shown a savings of over $3.00 for every $1.00 spent by the employer.

We offer these programs at our gym, or if you have a fitness facility at your business we will come to you. Or, if you already offer discounted gym memberships, we can do online coaching.

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If this sounds like a winner for you and your bottom line, and it should because hiring new employees costs money as does absenteeism and lower than optimal productivity, contact us. We would be glad to discuss details with you and allow you to make an informed decision.

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